Custom Home Building Process

5 things to Consider when Choosing a Custom Home Builder

1. Communication: Your Builder of choice should respond to your phone calls. They should also respond to your emails in a timely fashion. They should answer all of your questions. You want to work with a company that is not only a great homebuilder, but also great with communication and running a business.

2. Look at the quality of the work. You can see pictures and video tours online of their homes, but you also want to walk a few homes, perhaps during construction and also look at attention to detail on finished homes.

3. Does the builder share your vision?  Do they build the style of home you are wanting and do they listen to your ideas. Are they experienced. Do they provide the level of quality you are looking for? Are they flexible in the building process to help you get exactly what you want.

4. Do they have a great team in place? You want to work with a group that is top notch. The people in the office, people working in the field, the trades, you want to ensure they are high quality, and they are really good at what they do. You need to have good chemistry with them. I know a couple that built a home with another custom builder and they had a really good experience because of the project manager. I know a couple that built their dream home with a different builder and they had a very poor experience because of the project manager.

5. Does the builder have credible reviews? You want to see what actual homeowners say  but often overlooked, you want to be sure to also talk with some of the trades the builder uses to build your home. These tradesman know every builder and can give you the best behind the scenes look at the builder you are considering. You can find out how long they have worked for the builder, what they like and perhaps dislike about the builder, what goes wrong, how the builder handles issues and how they treats others, and so much more. Other industry professionals like vendors, banks, lenders and title co are a good source for references and information as well.

 The Home Building Process

1. The Builder should be able to provide you with a initial general estimate , based on all the information they gather from a consultation meeting with you. It is important to discuss the cost of the land plus a budget for the house before you get too far into the process. A more exact price can be given once house plans are finished and more detailed specifications are gathered.

2. The Builder should be able to provide you with valuable construction expertise and insight. This may include creative design ideas, offering cost saving ideas, suggesting high performance home specifications, whether it maybe a challenging lot, and what materials they tend to use in their homes.

3. How flexible is the Builder? When and how can you make changes throughout the building process? Production Builders are the type that won't let you do much if any customization. They may allow you to make a few changes here and there but  very limited. You have less control and your dream home might not be as custom as you had envisioned. That's not what you want. You should be looking for a purely custom home building experience!

4. Does the Builder quickly address issues, communicate directly with you, and offer transparency.

5.  Once the house plans are complete by a registered local architect, the Builder and all of the subcontractors  will spend many hours making sure all details are taken care of and the best price the home can be built for is then completed. Once all the bids are in, an exact price can be determined.

6. When you give the go ahead and before it’s time to break ground, a contractual agreement will be signed by you and the builder. Then your lender will approve everything before construction starts.

7.It will take somewhere between 6 to 18 months to build a custom home, (possibly more) often depending on weather , size and complexity of the design, and the number of changes that are made. If and when you make changes after the contract is signed, the purchase agreement needs to be amended and the price can change either up or down, and you will be made aware of any changes in cost in advance.

We want to be your Trusted Advisor , your Advocate, and your Home Builder of Choice.

Building your new dream home should be an exciting time in your life. When you have the right professional team, it can be better than you imagined. At Boyd Custom Homes, our focus is clear: to support you as the homeowner and make sure you get the utmost value at every stage of construction. We work hand in hand with you to ensure excellence every step of the way.  With Boyd on your side, you can relax and enjoy the creative process as we make your dream a reality.

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