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Selecting The Right Lot for your New Home

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Selecting a lot for your custom home takes some thought and planning. Many buyers already have a vision for their new dream home including the location. Finding that dream lot can be harder than you often realize, especially with a shortage of available lots. Let’s look at some of the things you should consider when picking a lot for your custom home.

Before you start looking for possible home sites, assess your needs. Think about what you absolutely require in a property and what aspects you’re more flexible on. Different lots are sure to have their benefits and downsides, so be willing to look at each for what it brings to the table. The more thoughtful your approach is from the beginning, the more successful you’ll be throughout your search. Keep in mind that knowing what you want beforehand will save you a lot of time and money down the road.

One of the benefits of building a custom home is working within your lot size. You can go as big or as small as you want without many things holding you back. If you need a large house, make sure the lot fits your square footage needs. If you want a big yard, pick a lot that comes equipped with plenty of room leftover.

What is the condition of the lot and are there any obstacles? How is the the soil ? and is there a slope? If your lot is on a slope, there’s a good chance it’ll take more time and money to build. However, if it meets all of your other requirements and is worth it to you—go for it. Another thing to check is the soil. Working with a good builder, they can help you assess the ground before purchasing the lot. They can also help you negotiate lot price if the soil and slope are going to cost you more during the build.

Let’s not forget the most important thing, the location. From a good school district, to living in the right neighborhood type, available amenities , your commute, how close is shopping and the activities you enjoy, walking trails, these are all factors to consider. Discuss with your builder the location you’re looking for, and they’ll help you find a lot that fits your budget and your location requirements.

In the end, take your time finding the right location. Location is probably the most important decision of all. Our experts are here to help you find a location that meets all your requirements without sacrificing the factors that matter most. Contact us today for additional help finding your perfect lot.

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