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Sherwin Williams Paint vs Kelly Moore vs Behr

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Each paint manufacturer offers multiple lines or levels of paint from lower quality paints all the way up to the ultra premium paints. Each level is designed to perform differently on durability, coverage, and voc's. Some premium paints are better at resisting stains and mildew. Other premium paints are designed for more elegant finishes to give you smooth long lasting results.

Every painting contractor has a preference of what product they prefer to use based on the budget and end use, and hopefully so does each homebuilder.

Paint contains more additives than just the base to give you color. It contains different amounts of resins and pigments to give you the results for the way that brand or label of paint was designed and manufactured for. Interior eggshell paint is designed not to rub off when you scrub it, and it should resist mildew, stains, and other sources of damage.

Pigments and colorant are the ingredients that give paint its color.

Additives give the paint extra properties, such as mildew resistance, longevity, smooth, elegant finishes, and much more.

The quality and amount of all these ingredients and solids will change depending on the quality level of your paint as a whole. Paints with a higher titanium dioxide pigment percentage will give better coverage, for example.

Which Brand is better? Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Kelly Moore ? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. It’s more the quality level of the paint you select than it is the manufacturer. Each manufacturer offers high-quality products at a variety of price points. Quality of the paint matters more than brand, and each of these 3 top brands offers a variety of quality levels. So be sure to ask your contractor what quality level of paint will they be using on your project?

At Boyd Custom Homes , we offer our clients a very high quality level of paint for our projects, both interior and exterior. This provides you with many more years of peace of mind before you ever have to consider repainting your home. This is one of many critical areas where quality really does matter!

We believe a quality home deserves a quality paint job. Come see the premium paints we use on our homes. Our homeowners recognize the value this brings to the home and it gives the homeowners a richer smoother look while lowering homeowner maintenance for many years to come.

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