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Inswing vs Outswing Exterior Doors | Quality Home Building

Inswing exterior doors have always been the most popular door option for new residential homes. They are readily available at local home improvement stores and always in stock in standard sizes and styles. Homes are typically designed to accommodate either a left hand or a right hand inswing exterior door.

When deciding which swing is best for your home, you will need to consider the space available when the door opens and how you will plan to live in the home.

Inswing doors are certainly more common. Homes are typically designed with interior space to allow for the door opening to the inside. An inswing door will require perfect installation to seal properly against weather and water intrusion, as by design they can be more vulnerable to wind and rain.

However, an inswing door allows for installation of a storm door where a outswing door does not.

For homeowners who live in colder climate zones , inswing doors are certainly more preferable and probably your best choice. If you live in a region that receives snow and ice accumulation, this buildup of heavy snow may make it impossible to open an outswing door.

If you prefer an outswing door, the door will require sufficient space on the exterior to swing open. You will want to design the patio or other areas where you have plenty of room to accommodate the opening of the door. An outswing door will need to be special ordered so you will need to plan for this in advance. The threshold will be made different and the hinge pins are made to be non-removeable for security reasons since they will be on the exterior side of the door frame.

Outswing doors do have their advantages. In general, a outswing door provides better security as it is less prone to being forced open. It is virtually impossible to be kicked in by an intruder. An outswing door also has a threshold design to more easily protect against water intrusion.

The best way to decide on designs, materials, finishes, hardware, and door swing for the exterior doors of your new home is to consult with your architect and/or your local home builder. You will want to plan ahead.

At Boyd Custom Homes, we represent a wide variety of door manufacturers. We can help guide you with the options and choices that are best for your home. We can help you select the styles and designs that fit your budget and provide you with the look, features, and longevity of the door you love best.

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