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Innovative Products and Home Building Ideas

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

There are many options available for your kitchen and new appliances. Freestanding refrigerators are the most common choice and come in both standard and counter-depth models. to fit different aesthetic needs. For homeowners with a lower budget, these refrigerators are less expensive for both the fridge itself and for installation, and also they don’t require the custom cabinetry that built-in refrigerators do. Built-in refrigerators are extremely popular for luxury homes because they have a very chic, seamless, and professional look. They are available in larger widths with many options available, and work well with custom luxury home kitchen designs.

Extra Functions Finally, take some time to explore the specifics that set each brand and model of refrigerator apart—you’ll probably be surprised by all thye choices available! From features like colored interiors and LED lighting designed to make produce pop, to tailored settings that put you in greater control of the temperature and humidity in every section, to soft-close drawers that upgrade the feel of the crispers, to slide-out shelves that improve accessibility, refrigerators can provide so much more than the basics these days. Take stock of the possibilities and decide which functions are most important to you!

Be sure to discuss your wants and needs with your builder. Custom Home Builders stay on top of what’s new and in-demand, can give advice based on your goals, and can often get you a better discount on your new appliances.

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