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5 Trees that Texas Architects, Landscape Designers, and Luxury Home Builders Love

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Trees play a critical role in creating healthier, safer, and more connected communities. They clean our air, filter our water, and provide shade and cool our cities by up to 10 degrees. They can also improve the appearance of your home.

Bigtooth Maple - If fall colors appeal to you then you will love the maple tree. Maples are loved for their unique leaf shape and their adaptability to many landscape situations. The bigtooth maple is a beautiful western native specimen that offers a straight trunk and that amazing fall color. Other maples that grow well in North Texas are Caddo, Trident, Shantung, and Paperbark.

The maple varieties have moderate water requirements, will need full sun and can grow to 50 feet tall.

Japanese Maple -

These maples can provide a beautiful and inspiring fall splash of color to your landscape. Famous for their phenomenal fall colors, Japanese maples come in many different varieties, offering colors of purples, reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. Most Japanese maple varieties prefer dappled or afternoon shade, and too much sun exposure will burn the leaves. Shade does have its limits though–they need some sun for best foliage color and to promote the more loose and open structure for which they are prized, so it is a balancing act finding the right spot in your landscaping to plant one of these beautiful trees. Be sure to avoid full sun.

Bald Cypress -

Bald Cypresses are native to Texas and adapt to a variety of soil conditions. They can withstand those poorly drained soils more than most trees. They can be used for shade and have a very defined pyramidal shape with feather-like leaves that make them very desirable.

Oak Trees -

The Bur Oak are a large towering variety of all the oak trees, native to Texas, with its large leaf and enormous acorns. It great adaptability makes it an excellent choice for the Texas environment, as it can adapt to cold and extreme heat very well. Bur Oaks have a long taproot which makes it very drought tolerant and thrives well with small amount of water. The Red Oak and the Chinquapin Oak are also very popular choices.

Mexican Buckeye -

The Mexican-buckeye, is an 8-12 ft deciduous tree, and can reach 30 ft. in height. It is often multi-trunked with with light gray to brown bark, smooth on young branches, becoming fissured with age. Leaves up to 12 inches long, with a central axis supporting 2 to 6 paired leaflets and a terminal one; leaflets up to 5 inches long, ovate to narrower with an elongate tip, rounded base, and serrate margins. Pinnate foliage turns golden yellow in fall. Clusters of bright-pink, fragrant flowers appear before or with the leaves from the axils of the previous season.

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