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Choosing the Perfect Brick for your New Home

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Building a new home can seem overwhelming at times, but one of the most exciting things about designing a custom home is making all your selections and color choices, including the brick for your new home. Brick is a long standing traditional exterior wall finish used throughout Texas for many years. Choosing the right color combination can give it a more modern look and feel you will enjoy for years to come.

New colors and new sizes are released every year for homeowners looking for new trends and styles.

Where do I start?

Well, according to Acme Brick, the largest brick company in North America, the hottest brick colors in 2022 are whites, grays, tans and buffs. Most home buyers are selecting lighter exteriors to compliment lighter colors on the interior to go with the most current modern design trends. The best place to start is to try to look at your home from all angles. Obtaining a color rendering from your architect may also help you visualize the colors and materials. You might also drive through various new home jobsites and communities to see if you see anything you like.

Here are a few tips to help you make your brick decision:

1. Research the style of the home you are building. The color, size of brick and texture will play a role in the look you are trying to achieve.

2. Gather ideas from the internet or from driving around and create an “idea board.” When you meet with your builder or design consultant they will understand what you like and don’t like and it will help them to direct you with your selection.

3. Consider your location. Many home owners associations may require you stay in a certain color scheme or style. Make sure you understand your limitations before you make a final selection.

4. Color, Texture and Size: One of the big current trends in exteriors is textural elements which can add character, charm and individuality to a home. Brick textures range from a smooth finish, which has a consistent surface and ceramic-like appearance with straight edges, to a more artisan-style of effect, with a dragged or ripped appearance for a weathered look. You can even get glazed bricks that have a shiny ceramic tile look for feature walls (perfect for the so-hot-right-now mid-century design trend) or beautiful crafted sand stock bricks that give a home an authentic raw beauty that no other material can achieve.

5. Don’t forget the mortar color. If you select a darker brick with a lighter mortar, it will really highlight the shape of the brick. Considering the mortar color is a big part of selecting your brick and ensuring you get the look you are wanting.

6. Consider accent ideas for over windows or doors to give the design something extra. Be sure to ask your consultant about what they offer for accents, special shapes of cut brick, or patterns.

7. Ask lots of questions during your consultation! Many design centers will be able to show you walls of bricks so you can truly see what the brick will look like when it is installed, and they can provide you with addresses of homes that used that particular brick where you can drive by and see what you think on a finished home. Be sure so ask questions so you feel comfortable you are getting the look you so desire for your new dream home.

To view samples and ideas, be sure to look at our vendors websites:

Acme Brick:

Metro Brick and Stone:

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