1. I'd like to Build a New Home, how do I start the custom home building process?

You may just be at the beginning stage of planning your new dream home. We can help you understand all your options.  We can help answer all of your questions and discuss a realistic budget before you get too far into the process.  We can help you every step of the way and if you decide to custom build, we can guide you with  securing a loan,  creating a design/floor plan, selecting Energy Efficient products and quality materials, and providing you with a great home building experience. You will find our team is extremely helpful, providing you with a lot of creativity, passion, and expertise! 

2. Do you have floor plans we can choose from?  

we use a local architect who has thousands of plans, and  each of these can be customized just for you. Some of our customers will bring a plan, some will just come with ideas, pictures, and a vision and then the architect can help you create the perfect design for the way you want to live.

3. How much does it cost per sq ft to build? 

This is a great question but we need to gather a lot more information to give you a accurate estimate. There are hundreds of components that go into pricing and building each home, and each home is unique in design , features, materials, complexity, and cost to build. With that said, every home has a different cost per sq ft. We can provide general cost estimates for you in advance, but it takes time, attention, and gathering detailed information to properly cost a new custom home. We want to ensure we provide you with a very accurate price, and this strategy also minimizes the need for change orders or disappointment during the construction process.


4. How Do I get Financing to Build a Custom Home?

Another great question!  We have a list of preferred lenders who offer lot loans, construction loans, and mortgages but you are welcome to use any lender. 

5. Do you build Energy Efficient Homes, and do you use environmentally friendly materials? 

Absolutely! Here’s a quick list of what we generally put in our homes:  Full foam encapsulation,  wood windows with smart sun glass , tankless water heaters, Trane XV 18 or XV 20i units, insulated sheathing, and so much more. Our homes usually test with a 53 or less HERS rating.

6. I'm told there is bad soil in the area. What type of foundations do you do?

We  engineer our foundations stronger than most other builders, as this is one area you do not want to take short cuts on. Building in Texas can sometimes be difficult due to poor soil quality. The topic of “expandable soil” is indeed complex and important to understand when building. So important, in fact, that we use one of the best Geo Technical Engineers in the DFW area. A proper foundation keeps out moisture and resists earth movement. Every well - built foundation  will take into account water tables, soil type and condition, and quality of backfill. The base must be properly prepared and compacted, and free of roots, trash, and voids. Most of our foundations are all steel rebar vs post tension , our beams tend to be deeper , and we always use piers unless the engineer has a better recommendation based on that particular lot.

7. Should I buy land before talking with a Home Builder?

It can be advantageous to contact a builder while you’re still researching land, as he can help you get a better idea of the kind of land you’ll want to build on, and some things to watch for. Some lots can be more expensive to build on than others.

8. Do you have lots available?

Yes, we do. We buy land all the time, and we currently have lots available in 2 communities.  We often find additional land opportunities for our custom clients. If we know what you are looking for, we may be able to find a match for your needs; however, it is also important that you continue to look for land on your own because there is not much inventory on the market right now.

9. Can you build a custom home on a lot that I already own?

Absolutely, this is our specialty. If you own a lot or plan to buy your own land and would like us to build a custom home on it, we can help you get started right away. If you are interested in building  and would like more information, give us a call so we can help.  You can reach us at 469-586-8822 or steve@boydluxuryhomes.com

10. What type of homes do you build?

We love to build homes that offer incredible views of the land , resilient and built to stand the test of time, and provide exceptional energy efficiency. We build a wide variety of different styles of homes including Traditional, French Country, Mid Century , Transitional, Rustic, European Inspired, French Chateau, Country, Modern Farmhouse, Modern, and Contemporary.



11.What is your Warranty on your homes?

We offer a very favorable warranty program, which includes a  1 and 2 year warranty, plus a 10 year structural warranty


you may have even more questions, so please feel free to contact us.

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